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Dark is a member of the Norwegian Green Building Council, and contributed to the introduction of the environmental management tool BREEAM in Norway. It’s our belief that sustainability strategies should be an integrated part of every project. That’s why we BREEAM certify our employees, to ensure the presence of sustainability awareness and knowledge.

We’re highly engaged in urban design and planning, and have established a professional group with expertise on the matter. Operating in a time of great flux, affected by climate change, mass migration, refugee crisis and rapid urbanization, we believe in the presence of a strong and reflected practice. We believe that concentration of land-use within the existing building zones is the best way to exploit and promote use of existing infrastructure and public transportation. Densification of the cities also demand extra quality in treatment and design of urban spaces and areas. By building in the city one takes on a responsibility to supply added value to the place of intervention. This is a responsibility we engage in.  

The best sustainability strategy, however, is to make things last! That’s why we are passionate about restoration work. We do a lot of these projects, and our mission is always to accentuate and enhance qualities found in the existing.