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Utilization of technology is essential in architectural progression today. Dark has made heavy investments to be in the forefront of this development. Being one of the first offices in Norway to implement and really make use of BIM technology as a primary design tool, we have gained leading expertise in the field. This allows us to cooperate seamlessly across disciplines, facilitating the presence of external experts such as environmental-, energy-, and constructional engineers throughout a project’s life-span. It allows for architectural design with a great degree of precision and efficiency, minimizing room for error – and the resulting amount of waste, both material and time. And, it allows us to take on large-scale projects from the biggest developers.

We’re always exploring new tools and techniques that may rationalize and improve the way we make or visualize projects. We’re already using or implementing techniques such as drones, point clouds and virtual reality. The studio also has one of the most sophisticated model workshops in the business, and a dedicated model builder with leading expertise on 3D printing and BIM-to-model techniques. Architecture can be informed in many ways, and digital tools is a crucial addition to the traditional tools of architectural creation – but not a replacement. Physical models, sketching and roundtable discussions is still a vital, not least inspiring, part of our work.