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Dark Arkitekter is an Oslo-based architecture studio, with an interdisciplinary approach, covering works of landscape-, urban- and interior design. We are engaged in the entirety of building, from small-scaled housing to city-scaled urban planning. Comprised of about 40 architects and designers, with widely different backgrounds, our versatility is our expertise. 

Our philosophy is to always provide projects with qualities that surpass the demands of the task. We possess the experience to take on the biggest and most complex projects, and have the proficiency to manage these – from preliminary analysis to completion and follow-up. Yet, we still get kicks from designing beautiful staircases or solving intricate details. We take pride in combining youthful enthusiasm with accumulated knowledge, and our office is an assorted mixture of age and competence.

Our work has international perspective, yet a strong local commitment. We care for the development of Norwegian cities, and concern for global phenomena. In our projects, we always seek solutions that enhance social and local values. We believe in sensitive and thoughtful treatment of our surroundings - based on knowledge, collaboration and enthusiasm. Sustainable and durable solutions emerge through an active and inclusive dialogue with clients, users and external expertise.