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DARK Arkitekter was established in 1988 with a strategic turning point in 2003 as we were in the winning-team behind the general plan for Barcode and assigned to fulfil three of the major buildings.

After years with rapid growth we are today one of the leading offices in Norway working with all types of projects.

But even though we are proud of our history, we don´t look back much. We change, we ask questions, we develop..

Experience and history is important to be costeffective, deliver high quality and solve known problems. But curiousity and questioning work as plug-ins to the experienced mind and make the difference between man and machines...

It´s all about people meeting process. We want to include our clients in our work methods and create a project environment with hardcore project management, but open, curious and competent processes.

Teamwork and partnership supersedes specialization and hierarchy in our practice. We continue to strive for development of our professional expertise in order to create exciting and challenging work environments.