Oppdragsgiver: Olavsgaard Eiendom AS
Ferdig: 2017
Konsept: 7000 m2 med bolig
Sted: Lørenskog, Norge


DARKs proposal for a residential development in Masserud Gård calls for an "inclusive landscape principle". That means creating a 7,000 square meters development that follows the curvature of the landscape, connecting the contemporary buildings with a network of paths and small plazas.

Three building typologies work together to create pockets of private lawns, gardens and yards, allowing the residents to meet and socialize in the common activity areas.

Terraced buildings to the south end of the plot overlook lush hiking paths. In the north, three and four-storey buildings are set against the forest to not obstruct views. The entire area is conceived so as to maximize sunlight and views of the surroundings for all residents.